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Twitter in Canada

Our @TwitterCanada HQ in downtown Toronto is a destination for the biggest names and the best talent in the country. The office’s open layout encourages creativity and collaboration with spacious work stations and breakout rooms, and a large common area that's perfect for conversing with colleagues, hosting events, or grabbing a game of ping pong between meetings.

Perks of working in Toronto

Whether you're cozying under a blanket in the library or chatting with a coworker on the other side of the world in a breakout room, our office provides a wide range of comfortable options for meetings, both big and small.

We're fueled with drinks and snacks to suit every palate: incredible coffee, sweet treats, fruits and veggies, powerful proteins, and beverages of all kinds. We've also got lunch covered with onsite catering.

Two treadmill work stations are the latest additions to keep us on the move, but our Canadian HQ also features a yoga studio, a meditation space, video games, and other perks to keep our bodies and brains active.

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